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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Blogger vs LiveJournal

Well, you can't have everything. LiveJournal now has tags! But I still can't see how some people with free accounts manage to get extra links and such in their sidebars. Blogger doesn't have tags, but I can get an approximation and I like that it's fairly customisable.

So, I'm going to stay with Blogger and work a fix where I post to both Blogger and LiveJournal and link to the tagged categories in LiveJournal from Blogger. I think that'll be easier than the del.icio.us categories I've been fiddling with the past couple days. I've downloaded w.bloggar and that will make it easy to post to both. Hopefully, w.bloggar will include the LJ tags functionality in future editions so I can post without having to leave the program.


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